Dear President Trump,
Over America’s exceptional history, successive generations have risen to the challenge of protecting and furthering our founding principles, and defeating existential threats to our liberties and those of our allies. Today, our generation is challenged to do the same by a virulent and increasingly dangerous threat to human freedoms – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through the nation it misrules: the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
The Chinese Communists’ stated ambitions are antithetical to America’s strategic interests, and the PRC is increasingly taking actions that imperil the United States and our allies. The past forty years during which America pursued an open policy of “engagement” with the PRC have contributed materially to the incremental erosion of U.S. national security.
This cannot be permitted to continue.
China is not as we wish it to be. In our political system, politics is the norm, and war is the exception. It is explicitly the opposite in the PRC's worldview. Going forward, we must better understand and deal with this dangerous asymmetry.
We the undersigned, are encouraged by the broad and coherent strategy of robust, alternative policies you have adopted to confront the PRC’s campaign to undermine the national interests of the United States and its allies. We encourage you to stay the course on your path of countering Communist China.
作为署名人,我们为您采取的多样而连贯的战略而感到振奋,因为您采取了强有力的替代政策来应对中国对美国及其盟国的国家利益的破坏。 我们也鼓励您在对付共产党中国的道路上坚持走下去。
We acknowledge and support your robust National Security Strategy that properly sets forth why the United States must counter the PRC. Opposing the advance of tyranny is fully in keeping with the founding principles of America and our rich heritage of defending freedom and liberty, both at home and, where necessary, abroad.
我们认同并支持您强力的国家安全战略,这正确地阐述了美国必须反制中华人民共和国的原因。 反对独裁暴政的发展完全符合美国的建国方针,也与我们在国内甚至必要时在国外捍卫自由民主的光荣传统相契合。
We note the PRC does not recognize the principles and rules of the existing international order, which under a Pax Americana has enabled the greatest period of peace and global prosperity in mankind’s history. The PRC rejects this order both ideologically and in practice. China’s rulers openly proclaim and insist on a new set of rules to which other nations must conform, such as their efforts to dominate the East and South China Seas and the so-called “Belt and Road Initiative,” with its debt-trap diplomacy, designed to extend such hegemony worldwide. The only persistently defining principle of the CCP is the sustainment and expansion of its power.
在美式和平的国际规则下,我们实现了人类历史上最为和平和全球性繁荣的时期,而我们注意到中华人民共和国并不承认当下的国际秩序和规则。 中国在意识形态和实践中均拒绝这个秩序。中国的统治者公开宣称并坚持一套其他国家必须遵守的新规则,例如他们努力控制东海和南海,以及所谓的“一带一路倡议”,其 “债务陷阱外交”旨在将这种霸权主义扩展到全世界。 中共唯一坚持不懈的原则就是维持并扩大其权力。
Over the past forty years of Sino-American relations, many American foreign policy experts did not accurately assess the PRC’s intentions or attributed the CCP’s reprehensible conduct to the difficulties of governing a country of 1.3 billion people. American policymakers were told time and again by these adherents of the China-engagement school that the PRC would become a “responsible stakeholder” once a sufficient level of economic modernization was achieved. This did not happen and cannot so long as the CCP rules China.
The PRC routinely and systematically suppresses religious freedom and free speech, including the imprisonment of over one million citizens in Xinjiang and the growing suppression of Hong Kong’s autonomy. The PRC also routinely violates its obligations, as it does with the World Trade Organization, freedom of navigation and the protection of coral reefs in the South China Sea. Beijing then demands that its own people and the rest of the world accept their false narratives and justifications, demands aptly termed as "Orwellian nonsense."
中共国习惯性、系统性地压制宗教和言论自由,其中包括监禁一百多万新疆人民以及越来越多地压制香港的自治。违背责任这在中国也是司空见惯,就像它对世贸组织以及所谓的南海自由航行和珊瑚礁保护做的那样。 然后,北京还要求自己的人民和世界其他地方接受他们的虚假陈述和辩解,这些被恰如其分地称为“奥威尔式无稽之谈”。
The PRC is not and never has been a peaceful regime. It uses economic and military force – what it calls its “comprehensive national power” – to bully and intimidate others. The PRC threatens to wage war against a free and democratically led Taiwan.
It is expanding its reach around the globe, co-opting our allies and other nations with the promise of economic gain, often with authoritarian capitalism posing as free commerce, corrupt business practices that go-unchecked, state-controlled entities posing as objective academic, scientific or media institutions and trade and development deals that lack reciprocity, transparency and sustainability. The CCP corrupts everything it touches.
This expansionism is not random or ephemeral. It is manifestly the unfolding of the CCP’s grand strategy. The Party’s ambitions have been given many names, most recently the “China Dream,” the “great rejuvenation” of China, or the “Community of Common Destiny.” The “Dream” envisioned by the Communist Party is a nightmare for the Chinese people and the rest of the world.
We firmly support the Chinese people, the vast majority of whom want to live peaceful lives.
But we do not support the Communist government of China, nor its control by the dangerous Xi Jinping clique. We welcome the measures you have taken to confront Xi’s government and selectively to decouple the U.S. economy from China’s insidious efforts to weaken it. No amount of U.S. diplomatic, economic, or military “engagement” will disrupt the CCP’s grand strategy.
但我们不支持中国的共产党政府,也不支持控制中共政府的、危险的习近平集团。 我们对您所用的对付习近平政府的措施表示欢迎,有选择地将美国经济与其脱钩以削弱来自中共政府的邪恶用意。即便美国进行多少回外交、经济或军事方面的“接触”,这都不会破坏中共的宏伟战略。
If there is any sure guide to diplomatic success, it is that when America leads— other nations follow. If history has taught us anything it is that clarity and commitment of leadership in addressing existential threats, like from the PRC, will be followed by our allies when policy prescriptions such as yours become a reality. The PRC’s immediate strategy is to delay, stall, and otherwise wait out your presidency. Every effort must be made therefore to institutionalize now the policies and capabilities that can rebalance our economic relations with China, strengthen our alliances with like-minded democracies and ultimately to defeat the PRC’s global ambitions to suppress freedom and liberty.
如果有什么确定的胜利外交的指南,那一定是当美国领先时,其他国家跟随。 如果历史告诉过我们什么,那一定是要拥有一个透明和有担当的领导层以面对挑战,比如来自中国的威胁。当您的战略顺利实施,那我们的盟友将会跟着实施。中国当前的战略是推迟、拖延,乃至等待你的总统任期结束因此,现在必须尽一切努力将政策和能力制度化,以重新平衡我们与中国的经济关系,加强我们与志同道合的民主国家的联盟,最终击败中国压制自由的全球野心。
Stay the Course!